Source Pro is a horizontally integrated manufacturer. With three factories, all situated in close proximity to each other in Dongguan, the company is able to effectively handle tasks due to its ability to source in-house. This allows us to provide better quality control, reduce lead times, and minimize any risks with outside factories. Our facilities are ISO 9001-2008 certified, and we also house an ITS Certified testing lab for all quality control purposes.

Each environmentally-certified factory has its own area of expertise so that they can produce the quality the client wants every time. Our facilities are split into three focuses: main production, wood products, and electrical parts. Our main factory covers most services including design, engineering, assembly, painting, and quality control. The wood factory produces all that is wood-related. Finally, our electrical parts production creates all electronic components that contributes to the dynamic of the other two factories.



ISO 9001-2008

Certification_ITS Certification-1

ITS Certified Testing Lab


Source Pro utilizes automation to efficiently mold and shape raw materials to the desired specifications of all products. Some equipment include:

3D Printing
CNC Bending Machines
Programmable Laser Cut Machines
Roll Metal Cutting Machines
Hydraulic Stamping Machines
Multi-head Auto Spot Welding Machines
CNC Stamping Machine