Source Pro offers a vast scope of services when it comes to manufacturing the client’s needs. These include:


We have a team of designers that assist in composing our collection of over 1,000 product designs that you can choose from. Keeping up with the latest trends, our team creates the most up-to-date designs. They design anything from electric fireplaces, lighting, medicine cabinets, mirrors, and much more. If there are items that are not a part of our selection, send us an inquiry and we would be happy to accommodate you.


Our experienced engineers work closely together to ensure that designs are functional and without fault. They create prototypes and test them that result in the highest quality sample for your review. We possess multiple international patents on technological designs, allowing our R&D team more flexibility with product designs.


With over 600,000 sq. ft. of  factory, we specialize in wood and electronic parts for your household items. We own machines from 3D printers to laser cut machines, allowing us to prototype and create from raw materials. We make your product design become reality. From assembly to shipment, we ensure precision and care for each item that is produced.


Our in-house quality control goes from manufacturing to quick inspection to minimize turnover times. We ensure that there are no defects and faults in the product before they are shipped. Our certified ISO9001-2008 and ITS testing lab covers everything from drop-testing to product lifetime testing.


Our marketing and sales team not only assists new and existing clients with communicating between factories, we conduct market research to ensure that our company is up to date with household trends and competitor products. We also possess 3 private brands and continue to develop our business as a whole. Our team gathers all relevant information about requested samples or specifications and liaise quotations to the client. Our focus is on making sure the client is satisfied from the start of design to product orders.


Our customer support centers in both USA and Canada warehouse our products and their parts. Should there be any defects or problems, our agents will be happy to help you promptly. Check the Contact Us page for information about either warehouses.